Our project

Miu Sutin means in Quechua “to sell truth”, which perfectly defines our project: ethical, ecological, respectful towards workers and consumers as well as the environment.  Quechua is a South American native language, it was spoken by the Incas. .

Our value purpose:
To enhance the safety of our consumers - to themselves as well as in connection with the environment - and be part of a better world.

Summer Sustainable fashion Miu Sutin

We want to participate in a paradigm change, not only creating a new way of producing and consuming, but also building a better world: a more supportive, ethical, ecological world where we all have a place.

Our values:





Since its creation, the brand anticipates new fashion challenges. A constant need to redefine oneself to respond to the challenges of our society is also the best way to grow both personally and professionally.

We work empathically with consumers as well as with all our suppliers and collaborators. We anticipate the needs of each one and offer the best for all of us.

Our commitment to protect environment, our suppliers, our partners and of course our customers is grounded in our sense of responsibility. In each action of our daily activities, we are committed to strive for a better world.

Our actions are guided by what defines our DNA: ecology, ethics and a balanced business model.