Noelia Montero
Noelia Montero

The idea of creating a sustainable fashion brand is the result of a long experience in a fast fashion multinational. Knowing first-hand the logic of an international fast fashion company, the labour conditions in the producing countries,  the offer of cheap garments for a throwaway consumption did not seem viable for our society and our environment.

During my 10 years working in this company, I had three children. Each maternity leave  was a moment of relief and clarity towards the impact of our activity. Getting back to my job was increasingly difficult, I could not see any sense in it… That’s why when the company decided to close its offices in Spain,  it was a great opportunity for me

I focused on learning: in design, creativity and above all in organic fabrics, new industrial processes, circularity,  eco-design…  I looked for suppliers, social and local workshops and I jumped into the deep end! That was 8 years ago and I’m still very happy to have chosen that way.

100% sustainability does not exist, it is in fact a process of continuous learning and improvement.

However, the most important thing  is to offer collections that people love, clothes that move us to a dream world, pieces that feel good, because of its apparent simplicity, its elegance, the quality of the fabrics…  Fashion is emotional, and that’s why our aim is to combine style with ecology and ethics.