Our fabrics

Sustainable and recycled fabrics

We love organic fabrics such as hemp, cotton and silk.

Fair trade handmade fabrics

We work with handmade fair trade silk, a silk that combines everything: organically produced, handmade by local farmers and coordinated by a local NGO.

Bio synthetic fabrics

We are interested in incorporating new bio-synthetic fabrics, because they are the future of the sector. At the moment, we have tencel lyocell and refibra tencel for their sustainability, qualities and properties.

Sustainable Fashion Miu Sutin
Sustainable Fashion Miu Sutin


Origin: Europe

Production: requires little water, little pesticide and herbicide (it is a natural pesticide). Efficient cultivation. Little damage to the soil.

Properties: antibacterial, hypoallergenic, hard-wearing, breathable, odour free

Dyes used are certified by Gots label

Organic cotton (Gots)

Origin: Europe

Production: strict quality and sustainability control at all stages of production, from cultivation to packaging and labour conditions.

Properties: soft, resistant, breathable.

Gots Label: more information

Handcrafted silk

Origin: Cambodia

Production: eco-friendly production processes, handicraft weaving, fair-trade labour conditions

Properties: soft, light, high quality, resistant, breathable

Sustainable Fashion Miu Sutin

Infinit Denim Cotton

Origin: Catalonia

Production: based on the circular economy, post-consumer denim is mixed with pre-consumer recycled cotton and tencel lyocell fabric Dyeing and washing processes registered at the R.E.A.C.H. Sustainable and ecofriendly processes (low energy and water consumption).

Properties: pleasant texture, hard-wearing, odour-free

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Sustainable Fashion Miu Sutin

Tencel lyocell

Origin: Europe

Production: cellulose fabric from sustainably managed forests: 99.8% of the solvents used to convert wood pulp into TENCEL™ are recycled and reused over and over again.

Properties: absorption, softness, resistant, easy to clean, odour-free

Sustainable Fashion Miu Sutin

Tencel Refibra

Origin: Europe

Production: efficient closed-loop production called refibra. Pre-consumer cotton waste is recycled with tencel lyocell.

Properties: absorbency, softness, resistant, easy to clean, odour-free