About us

Miu Sutin is a brand for women born 8 years ago in Barcelona. We offer limited edition, authentic, original and essential wardrobe collections. Our garments are minimalist, elegant, comfortable and durable.

Miu Sutin means in Quechua “to sell truth”, which perfectly defines our project: ethical, ecological, respectful towards workers and consumers as well as the environment.

We use organic and fair trade fabrics, made with environmentally friendly treatments. Our garments are made in local and social insertion ateliers.

eco design

We are based on the principles of eco-design to ensure clean production and a lasting product life. We avoid wasting resources, we use biodegradable fabrics, we stay away from the latest fashion trends and we offer quality.

the fabrics

We choose organic, natural, recycled or bio-synthetic fabrics.

Miu Sutin local production

the production

We work with local manufacturers in order to establish a close, trusting and long-lasting relationship. We choose social ateliers when the situation allows it (due to timing or type of clothing).

why the brand was created

The idea of creating a sustainable fashion brand is the result of a long experience in a fast fashion multinational. Knowing first-hand the logic of an international fast fashion company, the labour conditions in the producing countries, the offer of cheap garments for a throwaway consumption did not seem viable for our society and our environment.

So I learnt about sustainable fabrics, eco-friendly industrial processes, circularity, ecodesign… I looked for suppliers, social and local ateliers and 8 years ago, I jumped into the deep end. That was 8 years ago and I am still very happy to have chosen that direction.

100% sustainability does not exist, it is in fact a process of continuous learning and improvement.

However, the most important thing is to offer collections that people love, clothes that move us to a dream world, pieces that feel good, because of its apparent simplicity, its elegance, the quality of the fabrics… Fashion is emotional, and that’s why our aim is to combine style with ecology and ethics.

Sustainable Fashion Miu Sutin

Noelia Montero, CEO & designer